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Monty, Becky, Laurie, Nate & Chuck,

Thank you so much for fixing the matrix.

Now I can rest a lot easier knowing that the car is safe for Luck to drive.

Thank you also for being the BEST car repair shop ever!!!

Many blessing for the New Year!!

Margaret Chernozky


Thank you very much.  Very please with the service on the Cobalt * Toyota.

Be checking info or seat belt.

Thank you again for the work on Melissa's buggy.  She hasn't stopped talking about the service she received with you.

Carolyn Rockwell

Mr. Rowe,

Back this October 1st you went above and beyond the call of duty in assisting my wife and I after our 2007 Dodge Ram broke down on us.  You got us back on the road after replacing a battery terminal and jump started us at your garage-well after hours. Through your efforts we were able to make it back to South Paris that night.


We thank you so very much.

Fred & Noralynn Rolfe

Changed a tire for me on New Years day, -10 degrees out, the driver was quick friendly and did a great job.


Thank you.

John Sinclair

I have complete confidence in their work and their ethics. I was having trouble seeing at night so asked if anything could be done. they checked to see if they could clean the lenses or raise the beam at all -- but decided it wouldn't solve it. "So you have to order the new bulbs?" "Oh, no we ordered them." They weren't going to put them in unless I needed them!

Thank You.

Dori McCormick

We have a huge shout out to Monty, family and crew. Our 94 Firebird had an issue we thought unsafe to drive. Monty sent his flatbed to pick it up. He found the problem and fixed it. Great job.

— feeling happy.

Thank You.

Wayne St. Peter

Honest qualified folks really helped me out above and beyond what I would have expected

Thank you.

Kevin Smith

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